Dietitian Resident Consult

Individual Resident ConsultIndividual resident consult form the corner stone of the work we do at aged care facilities.
Occasionally, we visit your facility and do individual resident consults together with our speech pathologists. You can expect the following at each consult:

  • Thorough nutritional assessment
  • Thorough swallowing assessment
  • Nutrition screening – ascertain malnutrition risk
  • Calculation of energy and protein requirements
  • Review of drug and food interactions
  • Review of supplements
  • Set nutritional goals
  • Identify barriers to adequate nutrition
  • Creation of personalised nutritional care plan for each resident
  • Creation of swallowing care plan
  • Monitor outcomes closely

Nutrition Care Process for Individual Resident Consult

We use the following evidence-based practice guideline framework for our nutrition care process. We believe in a multidisciplinary approach to the care process.

Nutrition Care Process

Nutrition Care Process

Nutritional Care Plan

Nutrition Screening for Individual Resident Consult

  1. Record residents’ weight, skin integrity, dentition
  2. Note personal dietary preferences
  3. Identify risk factors e.g. note medication and potential drug-nutrient interaction
  4. Use appropriate tools and methods
  5. Involve interdisciplinary collaboration

Nutrition Assessment & Re-assessment

  1. Obtain/collect timely and appropriate data e.g. assess residents’ nutrition and hydration needs, identify barriers to meeting needs or identification of of specific food allergies and intolerances
  2. Analyze/ interpret with evidence-based standards e.g. record and compare serial weight records flagging moderate to severe weight loss and any significant change in eating pattern
  3. Document

Quality Nutrition Care

Nutrition Diagnosis for Individual Resident Consult

  1. Identify and label problem e.g. dysphagia, poor appetite, diabetes, allergies, food intolerance, renal diet, poor dentition
  2. Determine cause/contributing risk factors e.g. illness, dementia/depression, stress and anxiety, inactivity
  3. Cluster signs & symptoms/defining characteristics
  4. Document

Nutrition Prescription / Intervention for Individual Resident Consult

  1. Plan nutrition intervention e.g. texture modification of food / thickened fluids
  2. Formulate goals & determine a plan of action e.g. calculate personal energy and protein needs of residents requiring nasogastric tubes or PEG feeds, special utensils for poor dexterity, rectify denture problems
  3. Document prescription for dietary guidelines


  1. Streamlining nutrition care plans with accurate implementation of dietary orders by food service staff
  2. Documentation

Nutrition Monitoring and Evaluation for Individual Resident Consult

Measure and evaluate outcomes

  1. Monitor progress like weight records, blood profiles, tube feeds, PEGS
  2. Monitor plate waste for swift trouble shooting and malnutrition prevention
  3. Measure outcome indicators
  4. Evaluate outcomes
  5. Document

Outcome Management System

  1. Monitor success of Nutrition Care Process Implementation
  2. Evaluate impact with aggregate date
  3. Identify and analyse causes of less than optimal performance and outcomes, reassess identified barriers
  4. Refine use of the Nutrition Care Process, regular audits of compliance with Nutrition Screening Process

To ensure optimum care for your residents, we go the extra mile and make sure that a thorough personalised report of each resident is completed for each individual resident consult.