Menu Review & Food Service Review

Menu review is an essential part of meeting and retaining accreditation for any aged care facility. At Aged Care Nutrition Services, we specialise in providing you with a leading edge, professional menu review service.

Accreditation Requirements

aged care menu review serviceTo ensure nutritional adequacy and appropriateness of diet for residents, Aged Care Accreditation Standards require menus to be reviewed half yearly by a professional dietitian. If half yearly reviews are not possible, menu reviews must be done at least yearly to meet Best Practice requirements. A properly done menu review is thorough and comprehensive. That means it should involve feedback from the residents, key catering staff, nursing, care staff, management and an accredited practising dietitian who specialises in aged care.

Co-operative Approach

Menu Planning and ReviewMany organisations will tell you that a menu review is more than simply looking at the menu structure itself, and that the menu on paper not always reflects what is actually served to residents and does not necessarily ensure that residents receive an adequate diet.

It is important to note that when we perform your menu review, we will not start a grand inquisition into your food service. Our approach is strictly co-operative. It is essential to involve care and food staff as much as possible in the menu review process.

Many health professionals make the mistake of placing too much emphasis on nutrition and processes alone. The problem with that is that if the food is not eaten, it really does not matter how nutritionally perfect it is or how well documented it is.

To address this issue, we will seek to speak with all relevant sections of your facility to gain an accurate picture and arrive at an approach that will work for your facility, its staff and its residents.

Pro-active Menu Review

Menu review and PlanningNothing beats meal time observation of meals being served, noting actual serving portions, presentation, tasting and most importantly checking for nutritional adequacy. We will perform for you a thorough evaluation of the food and fluid service and provide you with creative ideas for increasing food variety and flexibility. Any constraints of the cooking system adopted for the aged care facility will be considered in the process. As a result, each menu review will be accompanied by a detailed report with suggestions for aged care-specific recommendations for improvement.

Aged Care Menu Review Process

Our menu review process includes the following components:

  • Menus carefully structured for elderly nutritional and hydration adequacy
  • Improving variety and palatability of menu items, while being nutritionally sound
  • Processes in place to identify and manage cases of malnutrition
  • Dietary needs for specific health conditions are covered (special diets)
  • Food service staff is comfortable with proposed changes and is able to deliver
  • Comprehensive report with recommended action items for successful accreditation

For additional details on our menu review service, please also view our Menu Planning Service page.

More Information on our Menu Review Service

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