Nutrition and Hydration Accreditation

Aged Care Nutrition Services specialises in nutrition and hydration accreditation assistance and support of aged care facilities in Sydney and NSW, specifically relating to Standard 2:10 – Nutrition and Hydration.

We provide menu review with particular emphasis on meeting the “Standards and Guidelines for Residential Aged Care Facilities“.

Menu Review for Optimal Nutrition and Hydration Accreditation

Nutrition and Hydration Accreditation
We make special effort to ensure menu planning is consistent with “Best Practice Guidelines” for provision of nutrition in aged care according to the Dietary Guidelines for Older Australians aged 65 years and above.

On completion of review, the following expected outcomes for aged care nutrition and hydration will be met:

  • Close review of Food Satisfaction Survey noting the residents’ preferred foods
  • Provision of a comprehensive range of delicious foods specific for cook-fresh or cook-chill arrangements
  • Provision of adequate variety in nutrition and hydration to prevent boredom with Winter and Summer 28-day Cycle Menu
  • Menu review – ensuring menus are carefully structured for elderly nutritional and hydration adequacy
  • Simple recipe renovation to reduce the Glycaemic Index of the meals and boost energy and protein content of foods served for malnutrition prevention
  • Menu includes sufficient food from each core food group, meeting best practice guidelines for provision of nutrition in residential aged care facilities
  • Menu meets special dietary needs for specific health conditions like diabetes, coeliac disease and other food sensitivities
  • Adequate fiber intake for prevention of constipation
  • Special consideration for seasonal variations
  • Promotion of meal enjoyment
  • Ensure overall pleasant dining experience
  • Provision of special recommendations for improvement tailored to your facility
  • Comprehensive report with appropriate recommendations to meet aged care nutrition and hydration accreditation guidelines

Key Issues in Nutrition and Hydration Accreditation

From my personal experience, it is recommended that each facility gets its menu reviewed every 6 monthly for optimal outcome.
Generally, the key issues we commonly encounter during Menu Reviews for meeting Nutrition and Hydration Accreditation are as follow:

  • Menu lack variety
  • Staff get insufficient knowledge and training in Texture Modified Diets and Thickened Fluids
  • Options available are not generally low in Glycaemic Index and suitable to meet guidelines for diabetics
  • Staff lack knowledge in assisting residents in making appropriate food choices
  • Menu do not provide sufficient fibre
  • Menu do not provide enough calcium-rich foods to meet the Daily Recommended Dietary Intake
  • Hydration options are limited
  • There are insufficient extra options for residents with special needs like food sensitivities
  • Menu descriptions are inadequate for ease of selection
  • There is not enough “fun foods” for special celebrations days that reflect the cultural habits of the residents
  • Food Satisfaction Surveys are not done frequently enough, results are not properly analysed and there is insufficient implementation of survey findings in latest Menu Reviews
  • Insufficient emphasis is placed on food enjoyment and creating an optimal ambience for eating
  • Carers often fail to implement simple but important feeding instructions like getting residents to do the “chin tuck” for airway protection during feeding, upright posture, etc.

More Info On Nutrition and Hydration Accreditation

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