Foods that are Hazardous to Dysphagic Residents

If you are ever in doubt about what foods are appropriate to serve a resident with swallowing difficulties, try to steer away from these potential choking hazards.
List of foods that can pose as choking hazards for individuals with swallowing difficulties include:

  • Bread – may adhere to the roof of the mouth especially in peanut butter sandwich or tasty cheese sandwiches
  • Ice Cream – melts into a thin fluid that can cause choking
  • Jelly – melts and cause aspiration
  • Mixed consistencies foods – minestrone soup, watermelon, cornflakes with milk
  • Medication – tablets and capsules are inappropriate for individuals on pureed diet
  • Stringy foods – rhubarb, beans, celery
  • Crunchy – popcorns, toasts, dry biscuits, chip or crisps
  • Crumbly – dry cakes and biscuits
  • Hard and dry foods – crusty rolls, apple, seeds, nuts, crackling, carrot sticks
  • Floppy food – lettuce, cucumber, uncooked baby spinach leaves (adhere to the roof of the mouth)
  • Fibrous or tough foods – steak, pineapple
  • Skins – corn, peas, apple, grapes
  • Rounds or long shaped foods – cherries, grapes, raisons, hot dogs, sausages (can lodge in the throat)
  • Chewy foods – Minties, cheese chunks, fruit roll ups, lollies, sticky desserts, dried fruits, marshmallows, gummy lollies, chewing gum
  • Husks – corn, wholegrain bread, shredded wheat, bran